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Advanced Cooling Therapy develops products that provide an innovative method for cooling or warming patients. The ECD is a single use, fully-enclosed triple lumen system that is inserted into the esophagus to modulate and control patient temperature when clinically indicated. Power for cooling or warming is supplied by an external heat exchange unit typically used for water blankets.

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Why the ECD?

  • Easy to Use

    Can be placed by most care providers

  • Precise

    Maintains goal temperature within ±0.5°C

  • Easy to Implement

    Leverages existing capital equipment

  • Cost Effective

    Lower disposable costs for care providers

  • Safe

    Reduces infection risk for patients

  • Revolutionary

    Warms and cools via the esophagus

  • Versatile

    Applications in the OR, ER or ICU

  • Unobtrusive

    Maintains full access to patients during procedures

  • Fast

    Device placement in under 3 minutes

The Importance of Temperature Management

Temperature management refers to a group of clinical procedures that actively modulate or control a patient’s core temperature. Typically temperature management is used to maintain normothermia during surgery, reduce fever, or induce therapeutic hypothermia. Clinical research, especially in the last decade, has linked unstable core temperature during treatment with critical health outcomes, including: mortality, cognitive function, myocardial complications, and infection.

About the ECD

The ECD was invented by an Emergency Room physician who was not satisfied with the available temperature management products. He designed the ECD to be efficient, unobtrusive, and easy to place by a range of clinical providers. The ECD is inserted into the esophagus, where it leverages conduction and convection to modulate and control patient temperature. The triple lumen design allows simultaneous temperature modulation and gastric decompression. Watch this short video demonstration on ECD placement.

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